Content marketing allows brands to engage with customers and influence their purchase decisions during their buying process. Many brands have nailed the concept of content marketing, such as Go Pro, Coco Cola, Taco Bell, and many more. There are various types of content that can be used to market a product or company, ranging from Videos to Promotional Sampling.

I completed an online content marketing campaign for BodyRock. They are developing a new concept for their content marketing, and my partner and I developed 3 pieces of content for this campaign.

We planned, edited, and produced the following:

  • a blog
  • video that brings the blog to life
  • quick how-to recipe video

These pieces of content all interconnect and tell a story, while engaging the target. All the elements are online based, and fit perfectly for BodyRocks new content marketing strategy.

Check out the pieces of content we developed below!











Getting fit and healthy isn’t the easiest task. It does require motivation, inspiration and dedication to accomplish your fitness goals. That being said, a few lifestyle hacks can make your journey to health much simpler. Here is the mutilate guide for any lazy girl who struggles to get her booty out of bed every morning, make a balanced breakfast and hit the gym! These hacks are science-backed, so they are completely foolproof.


#1 Embrace The Blues

No, we’re not talking about feeling down. In fact, the colour blue is clinically shown to be a visual appetite-suppressant. Eating food off blue plates, for example, can reduce the amount of food you ingest. This is because the colour itself gives the most unappealing contrast against every kind of meal, from meat and potatoes to pasta and vegetables. Replacing your regular plates with a batch of blue will help you conjure portion control and only eat what your stomach can handle.




#2 Chew Gum 


Chewing gum keeps your mouth occupied so you’re not thinking of chowing down on that tempting leftover pizza. Studies have proven that gum chewing decreases your appetite over the course of the day and reduces your need for sweets and high-calorie foods over time. Eventually, getting your fix from a 5-calorie stick will change the way you perceive food and alter your body’s cravings.




#3 Buddy Up


Scientific research into exercise patterns has revealed that partnering up with a friend for your daily jog or your yoga class can keep you motivated even when you’re ready to throw in the towel. You can also do fun workouts together that you can’t complete on your own, such as reach and touch planks. And the best part is being able to snap cute fitness buddy photos for your Instagram feed!




#4 Surround Yourself With Motivation


Take a motivational quote from Instagram or We Heart It and make it your phone background. Write out your goals or positive attributes and pin them up on your wall. Take a moment each day and journal encouraging statements for yourself. You can choose to share them or keep them private, but let the positivity stop flowing!




#5 Take The Stairs


No time to hit the gym today? Skip the elevator at work or school and run up the stairs. Start slowly with a flight or two, and see how many flights you can concur each day. Stairs get your blood pumping, your metabolism revved up and they help to tone your butt!



#6 Try A YouTube Workout


If you’re having one of those days when you just want to stay cozy in your own home, you can easily transform your bedroom or living room into your own personal workout studio. Take up a little floor space and set up your laptop or tablet so you can see the screen, then simply follow along with a personal trainer on YouTube to get all the benefits of a full body workout.




#7 Carry A Water Bottle

The easiest way to detox your system and shed pounds is by drinking more H2O. Grab a fun water bottle or design your own and carry it with you throughout the day. You can purchase one that is self-filtering or find a refilling station that gives you pure, clean water.



#8 Switch Off The Screens


Try lowering the brightness on your phone, laptop and TV screen two hours prior to bed. Half an hour before bed, avoid staring at any screens or scrolling your phone. This habit will help balance melatonin levels, balance your metabolism and actually improve your body’s ability to lose weight during sleep. Better sleep patterns will also heighten your energy level throughout the day.



#9 Prep Your Clothes and Your Playlist


Set out your cute workout outfit the night before and lay it out where you can see it. Next, make an exciting workout playlist full of new songs to jam out to while you go for a run, hit the weight room or get your yoga on!


#10 Add Cinnamon


Studies have proven that sprinkling lots of cinnamon onto your morning cereal, into your tea or on anything else you find delicious will stabilize your blood sugar so you don’t crash and crave junk food later in the day. Cinnamon is a natural weight loss aid and appetite suppressant.






If you have been on Facebook this week, you may have noticed majority of your ‘friends’ changing their profile picture to a red, white and blue filter. This represents the French flag, which shows your support for Paris after the terrorist attacks that left hundreds wounded or dead last Friday.


While this gesture was obviously well-intentioned, it really does not offer any tangible support for France. Tweets have been flooding the internet saying things such as “Putting a filter on your Facebook profile picture doesn’t help anyone in Paris.” – @KaraRBrown

So many are willing to show their support when it comes to hashtagging “Pray4Paris”, and changing their profile picture, but does it go any further than that? If a $1 donation was required in order to change your profile picture, I guarantee that the red, blue, and white coloured flags would disappear and the generic selfies would be back.

What is the real meaning behind this social movement of supporting countries and cities in times of distress? I believe that we all have good intentions, but it selfishly makes us feel better if we “support” these tragedies. We like to think that countries are supporting each other, and believing this helps us sleep at night. The CN tower and the Empire State Bulding are shining with the colours of France, but the hearts of thousands who were directly effected by the tragedy are still broken.

I tweeted “Pray4Paris” followed by some relevant emojis and even changed my profile picture because I felt the need to join the trend. I can admit that I didn’t actually pray, but what I didn’t share were the tears my Mom and I shed while watching the news that night. I didn’t share about the terrifying dream I had the night after where I dreamt about an attack on my hometown. I didn’t tweet about how I couldn’t fall back asleep because I couldn’t believe what I had experienced in a dream were hundreds of people’s reality.

Has this suffering just brought up another social media gimmick to show the world how “caring” and “empathetic” we are? Do you think it goes beyond that?



Don’t be surprised if you see a blue pumpkin sitting outside of peoples homes this year. No, its not a joke that you missed out on, nor is it some kind of prank that you’re not a part of. It’s the Teal Pumpkin Project.


In the simplest of terms, teal painted pumpkins are being placed on front porches to let others know that the household will be handing out allergy free treats for Halloween. This campaign was created to increaseawareness of food allergies and promotes the inclusion of all trick-or-treaters.
The teal pumpkin project has gone viral throughout various social media platforms. 100,000 households have pledged to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project. Participants are even marked on a crowd sourced map to show the campaign activity i
n neighbourhoods across the nation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 12.27.30 AM
10 years ago, this campaign would have cost FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) tens of thousands of dollars to pull off. Not only would the cost be higher, but the message would have taken much longer to reach the targeted audience. Social media was the perfect promotional tool for the Teal Pumpkin Project. It saved FARE thousands of dollars, and got their message out quickly and effectively.


Crafty and creative teal pumpkins have been popping up all over user’s social media feeds this week. The hashtag #tealpumpkinproject is being used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Social Media etc.


Keep your eyes open for any teal pumpkins in Kingston tomorrow!


In my latest YouTube video, I discuss the Brand Storytelling wins and failures from Chipotle. These include two of Chipotles most popular videos, “The Scarecrow” and “Back to the Start.” Both videos have similar stories, but one was marked as a win, and the other as a fail by http://www.brandstories.net.


Brand Storytelling gives companies the opportunity to convey a message to consumers in a genuine, and meaningful way. When watching a brand story, viewers do not feel as if they are trying to be “sold” or shoved information down their throats. This results in viewers becoming more willing  to listen to the story, and ultimately remembering the message. If done right, brand storytelling gives brands the opportunity to make a viral impact without needing to advertise.

Check out my video to see how Chipotle tells their brands story!


Some of the greatest things can happen because they aren’t planned out. A spur of the moment trip, a good joke, or even a post on social media.

A good brand is one that can create relevant and entertaining content for their customers. This content is often planned out over days, weeks, or months. It’s curated through a team of many people, and the process is well thought out.

But sometimes this is not always the process that is used to create content. A great brand is one that can think on their feet. One that can take an idea and effectively bring it to life within hours, or potentially minutes. Here are a few examples of brands who took what was happening in the moment, joined the trend, and made an impact.



Creating those advertisements above would have been completely ineffective and useless if it weren’t for social media. If Oreo’s ad was posted in the newspaper the next day, or a billboard the next week; it would have little to no impact. Social Media Marketing gives brands the opportunity to post content in real time, allowing them to be apart of a trend. This type of content is not limited to advertisements, but can also be acts such as Facebook comments or Twitter replies. Social Media Marketing allows companies to create personal relationships with their followers. In order to do so, interactions cannot be planned over the course of weeks or days. They must be planned within hours or minutes. This is a tactic that is new, and something that many brands struggle with.

If a company can figure out how to use Social Media Marketing effectively, appropriately, and quickly; I believe their brand is guaranteed to become more present and active in consumers minds.


The Spot

This advertisement for Carrie the horror movie begins with construction being done in a New York City coffee shop. It shows fake walls being created and stunt men flying up the wall. The advertisement then shows tables and chairs being remotely controlled, but why? The ad soon reveals that the construction was for a prank when it states “actors are seated inside, time to f**ck with some customers.”

While tables move and books fly off shelves an actress pranks customers into believing they are witnessing a telekinetic event.

The Problem

A lot of advertisements for horror movies generally appear to be the same. Scenes in these trailers usually include dark rooms, frightened children, and scary creatures. An example of this “classic” mix of horror movie characteristics is Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. The creators of Carrie wanted their movie advertisement to stand out. With a seemingly small range of choices to make a horror movie trailer unique, directors needed to step outside of the box and make this task possible.
The Idea

The idea is to make Carrie a memorable movie advertisement to those who view this viral video. Viewers are exposed to a video that is interesting, entertaining and shocking. These memorable aspects will make customers remember the video and choose to watch Carrie at the theatre.

The Execution

 This ad was incredibly effective, gaining over 48 million views in one month. The idea of using an entertaining prank video as a horror movie is genius. The idea steers away from the status quo of using scary scenes from the movie itself. The reality prank is something extremely interesting and memorable for viewers to watch.

As we all know, social media plays a huge role in society today. Using YouTube to post Carries advertisement was a key factor in the videos success. This social media outlet allowed the video to reach a very large range of people. The video was also shared among millions of people through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This unforgettable prank video mixed with social media created anticipation for the horror movie that creators of Carrie had hoped for.

What Works?

 Catching attention right away and then following up with a memorable video is what made this advertisement work. With the techniques detailed above, Carrie successfully creates anticipation for the horror movie. It makes viewers want to see the movie filled with scary telekinetic events. This advertisement truly makes viewers wonder, “How would I react if I witnessed a telekinetic event?” This curiosity is just another factor that works in gaining the viewers interest. This prank makes the advertisement unforgettable which is ultimately what makes it work.

What doesn’t work?

 I couldn’t find anything huge that stood out that did not work in this advertisement. It was a very effective ad in being memorable and creating excitement for the movie. The only problem could possibly be confusion to the viewer. The advertisement doesn’t show the storyline of the movie. This could cause the viewer to have such a vague image of the movie that they just pass it by.

Final Grade

 A-. This advertisement is extremely effective in getting the viewer anticipated to see Carrie. The prank advertisement grabs the viewer’s attention, and keeps that attention throughout the whole video, which is why it receives an A-. It did not receive an A+ because it may confuse some viewers due to a lack of explanation of the storyline. A-